Technology Forum 2024 Stresa 30-31 May 2024
Technology Forum 2024 Stresa 30-31 May 2024

Technology Forum 2024 Stresa 30-31 May 2024

In the field of materials science and engineering, several novel approaches are proving to be essential not only for technological and industrial advancements but also for improving the well-being of citizens.

The 13th edition of the TechForum2024 of The European House-Ambrosetti was centred on the major challenges facing European innovation ecosystems. European researchers, executives, and policymakers shared their insights during thematic panels on industry verticals and Tech Talks.

The focus topics of this year’s Technology Forum were European Innovation Ecosystems, Digital Twin Society, New Materials, Technology and Sustainability, AI and Robotics for Manufacturing, and CTOs Digital Agenda.

Key Issues
– What impacts can new materials have on economy and society?
– How can we leverage datascience and ArtificialIntelligence to accelerate the discovery and optimization of innovative materials?
– How can we foster greater collaboration between academia, industry and policymakers to ensure a smooth transition from discovery to large-scale production of innovative materials in the EU?

Elza Bontempi particpated to the event presenting the project results

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