Advisory board members

Advisory board members

The Advisory Board of the Tech4lib project involves relevant stakeholders at local, regional, national, and international scale, belonging to the different sectors involved in the project. All members of the EAB are expected to support the progressive verification of project advancements and to participate in dissemination initiatives. Due to its implications, the project has collected the interest of several stakeholders.

CAUTO ( is a company dedicated to waste management and treatment. His mission also concerns batteries collection. In addition, CAUTO activities concerning food waste management are several: for example, it is involved also in EU projects concerning food waste recovery.

ARCOBALENO srl ( activities concern the collection, transport, and disposal of special waste, mainly dangerous: it is involved in LIBs collection.

INNOVANDO srl ( makes activities to increase the transparency and traceability of batteries along their life cycle. It was already involved in an EU project concerning MW application for waste recovery, then it has recognised the potentialities of Tech4lib technologies.

SAF Li ( part of the NEWBATTEYENERGY srl) is actively involved in the production and assembly of LIBs (SAF Li BATTERIES ARE THE MOST SOLD LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES in Italy). It is a partner of SAMSUNG for LIBs. Its interest is to address the future activities also to LIBs recovery.

FLASH BATTERY srl ( is actively involved in designing and building LIBs and in the establishment of a sustainable battery value chain in EU. Flash Battery is a member of the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA), a Co-programmed Partnership established under Horizon Europe to establish a competitive European industrial battery value chain. It is one of the 17 EU partners involved IN JOINT RESEARCH AND INNOVATION PROJECTS AND INITIAL INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION IN THE FIELD OF NEW GENERATION LITHIUM BATTERIES.

CANDY HOOVER GROUP SRL ( is one of the most active companies devoted to MW oven manufacturing.

LE2C cluster ( is a regional cluster supporting growth, innovation, and competitiveness of the Lombardy Region production system in relation to energy and environment.

ANCI ( represents the local authorities (municipalities) of Regione Lombardia, allowing better and direct interaction from policymakers and the population. Concerning LIBs, in the last years, ANCI has established some procedures for the exhaust batteries collection. In particular ANCI will be a member of the EAB, because It is interested to have an active role in the sustainable management of spent LIBs.

ESM foundation ( is dedicated to support research and development activities in the field of Critical Elements, with a focus on their industrial applications. Memberships of ESM include the EIT Raw Materials, the World Resources Forum Association, the Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences, and the Federation of European Materials Societies, then the major European network of materials experts

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